The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has as its main research objectives the design, synthesis and analysis of new bioactive molecules, as well as the development of pharmaceutical formulations aimed at improving their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. These studies are possible thanks to cutting-edge skills and technologies in areas such as organic synthesis, including the development and application of innovative methodologies and techniques, molecular modeling, analytical chemistry, through which assess the quality and quantity of active principles, also providing valuable information on their chemical-physical profile and on molecular interaction mechanisms with therapeutic targets. These research includes, among others, the areas of drug-genomics, personalized medicine and stem cell therapy. Other skills characterizing the research activity and the services provided by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences concern the study of natural principles of phytotherapeutic and dermocosmetic interest, the study of medicinal flora, of plant drugs, of their extracts and related biologically active components, the study the determinants of health in the living and working environment, the monitoring of risk factors and lifestyles, the relationships between chemical compounds and microorganisms, both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, to develop systems to aid diagnostics, analysis and food control, the design of new food products with high added value and functional ingredients. In this context, research programs are active on the evaluation and improvement of the nutritional and health aspects of food ingredients and matrices. Of great interest are also studies concerning lysosomal genetic diseases, pig stem cells, the evaluation of neuroprotective effects in vitro and in animal models of Parkinson with the relative implications for regenerative therapy. In addition to the strong multidisciplinary nature, the research activity of the Department is carried out in a wide-ranging perspective of internationalization, thanks to the numerous collaborations in progress with foreign institutions, both scientific and educational.

On the basis of the above-mentioned skills and according to the greater involvement in the training program, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences programs and manages the single-cycle master's degree courses in Pharmacy and in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF), and master's degree courses in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and in Food Science and Human Nutrition (SANU). Furthermore, it coordinates and manages the School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy, numerous research doctorates and two second level master's degree, one in Pharmaceutical Technologies and Regulatory Activities and the other in PROcess development for  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (PRO-API). All active courses are included in international exchange programs that involve both teachers and students, to ensure the necessary interconnections and experiences with the academic world of other European and non-European countries with a view to transnational learning.