The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences was born on January 1, 2014 and can already count two important results to its credit: first place in the national ranking drawn up by ANVUR for the quality of research of two SSDs - Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Agricultural Microbiology- and second place in the University ranking for the 16 Departments examined by the Senate Research Commission.

The research activity of the various components of the Department is detailed in the following.

Intra- and extra-departmental collaborations, with international connections and co-involvement, are present both in the field of planning design, synthesis and analysis of new bioactive molecules, and in the development of new pharmaceutical formulations aimed at improving pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. These studies are possible thanks to cutting-edge skills and technologies in sectors such as Organic Chemistry, including the development and application of innovative methodologies and techniques, molecular modeling, analytical chemistry, through which to evaluate the quality and quantity of active ingredients, also providing valuable information on their chemical-physical profile and on the mechanisms of molecular interaction with therapeutic targets.

Other scientific interactions concern the study of natural principles of phytotherapeutic and dermo-cosmetic interest, the study of medicinal flora, herbal drugs, their extracts and related biologically active components, the study of the intimate constituents of Nature.

Other topics of interest are the study of the determinants of health in the living and working environment, the monitoring of risk factors and lifestyles, the relationships between chemical compounds and microorganisms, both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, to develop aid systems diagnostics, analysis and control of food, the study of new food products with high added value and functional ingredients. In this context, research programs are active on the evaluation and improvement of the nutritional and health aspects of ingredients and food matrices.